Thursday, September 27, 2007

Arsenal petition

Via Matthias, something for fans of the game to share:

PETITION: Investigate Alisher Usmanov as being unfit to invest in Arsenal FC

Sound off under comments if you think it belongs in the sidebar.

[NOTE - I would want to draw more facts out of this case and come to some form of consensus with supporters from across the political spectrum before attempting a petition to the Prime Minister.]

UPDATE - A few emails about there already being a Downing Street petition for Arsenal fans:

PETITION - Draw up a rigorous "fit and proper person" test for football club ownership

We're still holding fire on a law/rights petition for the moment.


ian said...

Wouldn't one of those Number 10 pettions be more noticed by powers that be?

Tim said...

It would, but it shouldn't be rushed.

433 (total newbie) said...

If a bad tackle or taking too long to leave the field after a red card can "bring the game into disrepute," then making the case that Usmanov is unfit to invest in a Arsenal FC must be fairly easy.

Are there issues of corruption or stupidity in the FA that would have to be overcome?