Wednesday, September 26, 2007

High Noon (and a bit)

Fasthosts have not responded to this. At all.

Requesting a response from Fasthosts

But since the request was issued, they appear to have made a statement... of sorts:

The Register - Downed blogger Murray vows to continue Usmanov attacks: Fasthosts says it acted according to standard industry practice and has declined to answer Reg questions.

They picked a hell of a time to go quiet, didn't they? And yet they had no much to say about it only a few short days ago.

I now know that I have to make do with some blank spaces in the timeline.

With you shortly... we have to a dot an I or T or two.

UPDATE - Timeline is now live.


MelissaCW said...

Excellent background info; many thanks

Anonymous said...

Fasthosts are going one way only, down. Check the latest news -