Thursday, September 27, 2007


I saw this excellent summary of recent events earlier that focuses admirably on Schillings:

Here's a new proposal for a case study for Schillings' prospectus:

The problem
Our client was a lardy foreign oligarch looking to take over a leading British football club. The former British Ambassador to his country had published allegations about him which he considered to be false and defamatory.

The solution
We put the frighteners on the former Ambassador's webhost to such an extent that it shut down not only his blog, but also other high profile blogs which had nothing to do with it, including that of the Conservative candidate for London mayor, and others in elected office. The allegations then spread around the internet and the mainstream media like wildfire.

I need more summaries. Impassioned or neutral, and maybe a bit in bewteen.

A useful summary could focus on Alisher Usmanov, Arsenal, Schillings, Fasthosts, the law etc.

A more useful summary would rope it all in and tell people why they need to care about this issue in general, because that's where we're headed.

(I'm trying to do the same myself, but am cutting it straight to video, which can be helpful but time-consuming. I also tend to get impossibly long-winded when I'm mired in detail as I am right now.)

I'll set a limit you can regard to be soft if you like; 10-20 word introduction paragraph, 200 words maximum.

I may dig some prizes out of the Special Cupboard if you bring me something really nice. I have treasure.



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