Monday, October 15, 2007

Arsenal Muse

Via Arseblog and Arsenal Times comes news of a lone blogger taking the 'middle' ground and saying;

"It's a bit sad that Craig Murray says Franchetti was bought off with a good meal. A bit of a low blow personally because Franchetti has given a balanced account..."
Speaks for itself, doesn't it?

Arsenal Muse has had a lot to say about Craig Murray in recent weeks, and here's a highlight that shows the balance and clarity of thought that he brings to the table;
"I know Craig Murray. He was removed from his job after profiting from the instability in the middle east to lead a party lifestyle in Uzbekistan. This led to instability in the foreign office in Uzbekistan and numerous operation problems occurred when the British and I would say that includes you and I and the rest of the world during the Middle East conflict, needed as much stability in the region."
'Arsenal Muse' does not allow comments on his weblog, and has a charmingly desperate 'shotgun' approach to keyword placement in headlines. There is also a shocking allegation on the loose that he is a bit of a muppet... but don't let that put you off giving him a fair hearing.


Lobster Blogster said...

Any relation to AOL Sports blog Fanhouse? See

but please note I did point out once that this seems to be a phishing site.

Tim said...

I doubt it; one is far more coherent than the other.