Monday, October 1, 2007

We now have a Lib Dem MP onside

Lynne Featherstone - The perils of blogging: the Alisher Usmanov affair: First - I'm all for people who publish things online being held accountable for what they say - but people who publish online should also have reasonable protection. It is possible to get an injunction against a book, newspaper etc before going ahead with a full action for libel - but there are hurdles you have to meet and in the end you have to make your case in court and win if you want to stop the allegations being distributed. That's not what has happened here as far as I can see - one threatening legal letter, and that's it - bing! - the site went.

Actually, it was four threatening letters, but otherwise she's right. More news later this morning.


David Boothroyd said...

Am I being too cynical in pointing out that Lynne Featherstone's constituency is a Spurs supporting area? (Probably am)

Lynne said...

Thanks Tim - off to correct my post now!