Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Video (I)

Mike Power has used animoto to good effect to create a video for anyone who wants to wallow in the joy of the recent link storm.

Also (steel yourselves) I'm about to bring to your attention a discussion on this topic from 18DoughtyStreet.

My video is on the way; it needs to gestate just a *little* longer.

UPDATE - Having watched the relevant exchange, I think I should point out (again) that the account in question was held and managed by Clive Summerfield (who is now back online).


Ed said...

Ta mate! I can't take any 'artistic' credit because Animoto does it all automagically but it did take an age to capture all the bloody pageviews (even though Anomoto didn't incorporate them all in the end - the music was too fast :)

Ed aka Mike Power

Tim said...

It was a lovely wallow nonetheless.