Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Where's Craig?

I think I'll let Chris Floyd field that one:

Chris Floyd - Back From the Hack, and Once More Into the Breach: In brief, Usmanov made with the legal hit-men, and strong-armed Murray's website host into pulling the plug. But Murray found a new home for his website, when our main man Rich stepped into the breach, offering to host the site on his server, in defiance of oligarchical bluster. This new Murray site was due to launch on Monday, October 1; but lo and behold, Rich's server was hit by the hacker firebomb on Sunday, September 30 – just hours before the Murray site was to go live. Certainly an interesting juxtaposition of events, to say the least.

To say the very least.

We also have some blah-blah to deal with on one of the domains, but this should be sorted shortly. Then we can all have some fun with that lovely Usmanov fellow.

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