Thursday, October 4, 2007

The successful criminal brain is always superior.

Matt Wardman on Lynne Featherstone

Unity in a second post on UK libel law as it stands

Septicisle on Alisher Usmanov's pathetic PR push

On the latter matter, I think Usmanov missed a trick by jetting journalists over to his lair for a moving monologue.

Instead, he should have kidnapped some bloggers and subjected them to a heavy beating followed by a light supper, before outlining every detail of his evil plan and then slowly lowering us into a pool of hungry sturgeon. Perhaps while stroking a cat.

[Tip - What Usmanov really needs to do is tackle the charges head-on in a tough, no-holds-barred interview. If he wishes to take this path, he should contact Cactus TV Studios and ask to be booked on the next edition of Richard and Judy.]

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