Thursday, October 11, 2007

Schillings want to have you for breakfast

Source (PDF):

LexisNexis in association with Schillings present:

Reputation Management
A roundtable breakfast briefing on how to avert a public crisis and protect your company’s brand, reputation and share price
Wednesday 24 October 2007
Halsbury House, 35 Chancery Lane, London

This highly practical roundtable breakfast will give you an opportunity to:
- Understand how to utilise the laws of defamation, privacy and intellectual property to safeguard your company’s reputation
- Gain tactical advice on how to strategically deploy injunctions
- Learn how you can exploit the Reynolds defence
- Discover how to “out” anonymous attackers
- Appreciate on-line threats and how to protect against internet attacks

This LexisNexis roundtable breakfast briefing in association with Schillings will provide you with the knowledge you need to either avert a crisis before it arises or mitigate its effect. The roundtable is by invitation only and will give you the opportunity to obtain expert practical advice on handling such a crisis and compare notes with your fellow in-house counsel under Chatham House rules on how such disasters can be averted.
It seems to me that we should have a representative at that meeting... are there any volunteers?



Jherad said...


Is that some kind of joke?

Priceless! Pleeeease tell me you're going. Along with half the blogosphere. Any idea how long this has been advertised for? ...

Lobster Blogster said...

I think there's a clue in the phrase

by invitation only

Tim said...

If you check the PDF, it invites people to apply for an invitation.

I suppose that's the best way to promote the event and keep the great unwashed at bay.

El Dave. said...

One of Schillings clients is that well-known defender of free speech, the Government of, er, Saudi Arabia.

Jherad said...

Well, I'd definitely expect them to be vetting applications carefully, considering recent events. Would be fun if there was a blogger or ten attending to ask some awkward questions in the Q+A session though.

Tim said...

"Well, I'd definitely expect them to be vetting applications carefully..."

So would I.


(waves to Schillings)

el dave: One can only hope that certain subjects come up at that breakfast:

jailhouselawyer said...

As much as I would like to go, I suspect that this quote would exclude my chances: "and those with an axe to grind".

D-Notice said...

I'll see if I can get in...

Strictly on a professional basis on behalf of the law firm I work for, of course...

Turbulent Cleric said...

Have Schillings heard of irony?

D-Notice said...

Bah! Rejected

"Unfortunately the event is not open to solicitors in private practice."

Tim said...

Tch. Did I miss some fine print?