Monday, October 1, 2007

Craig Murray will be back online shortly...

... I hope to be able to tell you more, but - for now - let's just say that we hoped for fewer complications than there actually were.

Some interesting parallels came to mind this morning, and this was one of them. It relates to determined efforts to silence Murray and not-quite-as-determined efforts to silence those who support him:

Bloggerheads: During the 2005 General Election... Craig Murray, standing as an independent candidate in (Jack) Straw's constituency of Blackburn, was excluded from a public debate. It wasn't until Murray was forcibly removed from the building that Jack Straw felt confident enough to deliver the following answer to this question:

Constituent: "This question is for Mr Straw; Have you ever read any documents where the intelligence has been procured through torturous means?"

Jack Straw: "Not to the best of my knowledge... let me make this clear... that the British government does not support torture in any circumstances. Full stop. We do not support the obtaining of intelligence by torture, or its use."

Jack Straw didn't dare face Craig Murray on the subject of torture in Uzbekistan; there was fear in that man's eyes until the moment Murray was locked out of the room.

At this point you're probably expecting a reference to certain other people who would do just about anything to avoid facing Murray on fair or open terms... but instead I think I'll just remind people that Jack Straw is now Secretary of State for Justice.


Life, eh?


Lobster Blogster said...

They do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I expect Craig may just get a little surge in popularity when his site comes back up. But we're all on tenterhooks as to whether there's a UK site brave enough to host it.

Bartholomew said...

Maybe Jack Straw will be taking a look at Craig Murray's social security files...

johnf said...

Good to have him back.